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USB-GAGEs / Software


USB connection

■ Digital transmission which eliminates the use of conventional controller connection.
■ Building various measurement systems is possible by combination of several types of sensors.
■ USB-Bus Powered System that reduces wiring.
■ IOT POSSIBLE, connect the measurement data to the network.

Linear gauge PHA
with direct USB connection


  • USB-pencil-type High Precision Digital Measuring Instrument
  • High precision (0.2 µm), Wide measuring range (13 mm )

LVDT type Electric Micrometer
with direct USB connection


  • USB type of Linear Variable Differential Transformer, LVDT Detector has joined the lineup of the USB Gage
  • A large selection of slim & compact Measuring Heads is available!

Air Micrometer
with direct USB connection

Air micro-USB

  • Air Micrometer can be connected directly to a PC via USB
  • Space-saving has been achieved by the new designed slim-type chassis


can be installed easily

  • Dedicated Installer
  • Can automatically recognize a USB when connected, which enables you to use the USB


USB Gage Software Solution (Selling separately)

Easy installation

  • ● Dedicated installer included
  • ● Rich Bundled Software
    Setting Application、
    Measurement Application(Excel macro program)
    Library for Application Development
  • ● The automatic recognition to the USB connection

Measurement package

We are offering a package of the required products for the measurement.

  • ● Lever-type detector (E-DT-LM-U30) , convenient to the runout measurement.
  • ● Magnetic stand that can conveniently be attached to a machine is selected.
  • ● You can use a measurement application package.
  • ● We offer you inexpensive package price.


  • ● It can be operated by battery of the notebook or tablet PC, and tablet PC, anywhere soon,
  • ● It is bundled with meter software such as MINICOM that is easy-to-read with large display.
  • ● You can use the function of data collection to PC.

Measurement package
Please prepare PC by the customer.

USB-GAGE Measuring Application Package

  • ● We provide a general purpose package.
  • ● You can select to use from three types of measuring application, depending on
    the measurement.

USB-GAGE Measuring Application Package

  • ▪ Intuitive and easy-to-read meter display application
  • ▪ Saving measured data to Excel directly


USB-GAGE Measuring Application Package

  • ▪ Display Application to display up to 10 bars in the bar graph
  • ▪ Ideal for multi-point measurement or multi-product measurement

Straightness / Flatness measuring application Mcom-St

Additional application for Straightness / Flatness measurement is released.

Straightness / Flatness measuring application Mcom-St

* The driver is included. USB-GAGE Drive CD-ROM(4220720) is NOT necessary.


Bundled Software

Linux driver
Linux has been getting a lot more because it is free of charge in a compact excellent stability, adopted as the OS of the controller and the measuring instrument for the industry. With this line-up has been the Linux version driver, it can be Linux in-built panel computers and industrial computers, touch monitor, the connection between the measuring instrument such as built-in equipment. Such as for industry, we will
recommend to the system that require high reliability.
* Linux device driver is need to compiled for each OS version. So it is not included with the Windows driver CD.

Setting Tool for Gauge

Setting Tool for Gauge

  • Bulk set the Gauge of various types
  • Gauge determine intuitively with the name set
  • Various maintenance check function
    Connection confirmation, setting value storage, re-setting, etc.

Measurement Data Direct to Excel

Setting Tool for Gauge

  • Excel macro program
  • Save to Excel directly measured data

Measurement Software Development Libraries
  • ▪ Sample software is included ExcelVBA, C / C ++, C #
  • ▪ Support the measurement application development

Software Specifications

Item Specifications
Product code 4220720
Support OS Windows7 (32/64bit), Windows 8. x (32/64bit),
Windows Embedded Standard 7 (32 / 64bit)
Linux (Please contact us for more information)
System requirements
  • ▪ PC with a USB port (IBM PC / AT compatibility, DOS/V)
  • ▪ CD-ROM drive
  • ▪ Memory 512Mbyte or more
  • ▪ Storage 100MB or more
Application device ▪ LVDT-USB Series ▪ PHA-USB Series ▪ Air micro-USB Series