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Intelligent judgment and control

SPC control (post-process), ellipticity, chattering judgment, machining status display and output are only a few of the high added value controls available.

Multipoint measurement

Hardware for 4 measuring heads, software for 32 measuring items, and simultaneous parallel processing make this system perfect for multiple measurements. With the PULCOM V11
expansion unit, up to 32 measuring heads can be connected.

Dramatically enhanced usability

With the 6.5 inch bright TFT color LCD touch panel, simply touch the screen you wish to set or change when making adjustments or performing other operations.

Major upgrade of display functions

For in-process measurements, real time graphic display makes it easy to grasp the machining status at a glance and detect defects (as an option, a signal when a defect is detected can be output). Moreover, the machining status of a defective workpiece detected at a later process can be reviewed, helping in the root cause analysis. For post-process measurements, all measuring items list, statistical processing or any other display can be chosen at your convenience.

Analog meter display

By showing the analog meter on the LCD Display, realistic machining conditions can be viewed during in-processing.

Increased standard functions

This system has a variety of standard functions such as automastering, input of calculation formula, smoothing, extended range display and high resolution.

Overall data display

Workpiece diagram, measuring items, measured values and judgment results all displayed on a single screen is a powerful tool for easily understanding the judging conditions.

Available in 4 languages

In addition to English, you have the choice of switching the display to Japanese, Chinese or Korean.

Fieldbus compatible (Optional)

It corresponds to CC-Link, PROFIBUS, DeviceNet.
It is possible to communicate with a host device such as NC, PLC, etc. with one serial cable. In addition, it is possible to output measured data, so it is possible to correspond to IoT.
As a result, it is released from many wiring of conventional I/O, and it is possible to reduce man-hours such as design, assembly and maintenance.

Size shift function for multi product lines (Optional)

Combined with a wide range measuring head, measurement of multiple products or step-shaped workpieces are possible without the need for setup change. Up to 1280 sizes can be registered.

In-line roundness (Optional)

Roundness can be measured during or after machining, with the values represented as polar profile, and the judgment output as OK or NG. The FFT analysis function makes it possible to detect chatter marks and lobed surfaces.

Detachable front panel (V10S)

The detachable front panel can be easily integrated to the user equipment’s operation panel, and its main unit mounted in the equipment’s control panel.


Expanded screen layout


Configuration example

Configuration example 1

In-process system with front panel of detachable type, auto-balancer and AE sensor

・LVDT gauge x 4
· GE-10V
· AB-10V

Configuration example 2

AE sensor monitoring


Configuration example 3

Post-process system using a digital scale gauge (additional I/O-1 board)

・LVDT gauge x 4
・PHA x 4
・BCD output

Configuration example 4

Post-process system with additional LVDT

· LVDT gauge x 20

Configuration example 5

Post-process system using LVDT and a digital scale gauge (with numerical feedback)

・LVDT gauge x 4
・PHA x 4
・BCD output

Configuration example 6

Wide range in-process system with auto-balancer

・LVDT gauge x 4
・Size shift

Configuration example 7

Post-process system with additional digital scale gauges (with temperature compensation)

・Digital scale gauge x 12

Configuration example 8

LVDT post system using CC-Link

・LVDT gauge x 4



This is an overview with standard specification. Connectors may be different from this view depending on the specification.



PULCOM V11/ V11D Detector expansion unit (Optional)

expansion unit





CC-Link unit




Optional Functions

● In-line roundness
● BCD/BINARY Input / Output
● RS- 232C Input / Output
● Memory (Max / Min / P-P)
● Workpiece diagram display
● In-process machining status display
(Machining defect / Machining elapsed time / Output)
● Temperature compensation
● External auto-zero
● Size shift
● Auto- calibration
● Analog output
● P100 (Integrating)

Main Optional Units

● Thermal printer compatible with graphic functions
● Temperature sensor
● CF card


Model E – P V 1 5
Display 6.5 inch TFTcolor LCD
Display items Measuring results and list of items
(Analog meter display for in-process)
Display range Changeover among ±50 μm, ±100 μm, ±250 μm,
±500 μm, ±1000 μm, ±2500 μm, ±5000 μm
Resolution 0.01 µm, 0.05 µm, 0.1 µm, 0.5 µm, 1 µm
Display unit Select from μm, mm, inch
Number of detectors 4
Judgment output All
Individuals Max.20
Judgment output is 20 in case of only 1 process
Judgment output is 5 in case of 4 simultaneous processes
Number of meas. items Max. 32
Input method Touch panel / Sheet key
Judgment output Standard: I/O 1 (I/O 3 when insufficient)
calibration method
Touch panel / shift key
Sampling speed 1ms or less
RS-232C Optional
Printer output Standard
Changing programs Key operation after CF card is input
Memory function Optional
Waterproof standard IP54 (Front panel side only)
Outer appearance
287(W) x 327.6(D) x 159(H) mm
Approx. 7.0 kg (Mounting dimension is same as 2000A)
■Power source
(1) Power source voltage: AC85 to 250 V
(2) Power consumption: 70 VA MAX
(3) Connector: HS16P-3 (made by Hirose electric)
(4) Cable: O.D Φ 8.4 mm Provided with 6 m 3-wire cabtyre
Power source Pin No. Wire color
Power source 1 Black
3 White
2 Yellow/Green/Shielded

* Make sure to ground shielded wire


PULCOM V11/ V11D Detector expansion unit (Optional)

Model E-PV11/E-PV11D
Max. number of detectors 4
Connectable units to V10 Max. 7 Units
Input / Output signals High speed serial transmission (11Mbps)
Connection distance 100 m
Ambient usage temperature 0 to 40°C
Ambient usage humidity 90% or less (No condensation)
Size shift function Optional
CE marking Available
Outer appearance 63(W) x 325.8(D) x 158(H) mm
Weight (Body) Approx. 3.0 kg
(1) Power source voltage: DC24 V±10%
(2) Power consumption: 12 W
(3) Current consumption: 0.5 A or less
(4) Connector: FGG.OB.303.CLAD42 (LEMO) V11 side
(5) Cable: 2-wire shielded cable, outer diameter 3.8.
(6) Shielded wire: Provided with ground wire
Power source Pin No. Wire color Notes
1 Orange 0.31 mm²
Conductor:12 /0.18 mm
2 White
3 N.C

Note 1 ) Adequate measures have been taken against noise in this product , but a dedicated power source and noise filter should be used to maximize system reliability.

Note 2 ) A power output is provided to enable power to be supplied to a separate V11. Power can be supplied to a maximum of 4 units from one dedicated power supply.

■High speed serial input/output
(1) Connector: EMI module plug TM11P-66P(50) (Hirose)
(2) Cable: Outer diameter Φ 4.8 m Provided with 0.5 m twisted pair cable (SINKO SEISEN INDUSTRY)